Monday, August 30, 2010

Soccer Mom

Today kicked-off the Fall Crazy Schedule.  Up super-early, kids to Casey's, went to teach all morning, picked up the kids, Trader Joe's run, Farmer's Market, new passport pictures, and then soccer for Andrew.

Soccer.  Soccer is freakin' cute.  And Andrew playing soccer?  Adorable beyond words.

Somehow, in the blur of motherhood, I've become a soccer mom.  Who drives around in my Sienna all day.  Putting baby carrots into ziploc bags and dropping off library books.  Getting okra and zucchini, and answering backseat questions about how goo turns into baby chickens.

I am *such* a mom.

I don't feel even the slightest bit different from the Me of 10 years ago, but there's not much in common.  I used to daydream about an apartment in Paris or Peace Corps stint in Yugoslavia.  And here I am, Soccer Mom.  I love it.  No regrets.  But there are moments of wonder about how I ended up here, shuttling three Littles in my minivan.

Simone was asleep in the car when it was time for practice, so I parked right next to the field and just watched Andrew play.  Running.  Laughing.  He loved it.  He's been counting down the days until he could play.  Anything that involves kicking things and running fast, he's on board. I suspect he'll be pretty good at it. He's got that athlete-essence about him.

I was so proud of him.  Not about anything he was doing...but just, who he was.  How he was soaking up the moment.  Loving life.  I adore seeing that in my kids.

I used to wonder what I'd do if I birthed athletic children.  In marrying Steve, the odds were I'd breed some jocky children.  I wondered how I'd bond with kids over team sports.  I can talk about Ralph Waldo Emerson or Warren Buffet or even hours of discussion about immunology and gut flora.  But....

I don't even understand the basics of football, and I'm not exaggerating. At any given moment, I have NO idea what they're doing down there.  Why they're blowing whistles, why people are cheering.  I imagine that's how toddlers feel in most adult situations.  What the HECK is goin' on?

But I'm seeing that you don't have to bond with the specific knowledge of kids' interests.  I might not love ( soccer.  Or team sports.  Or anything involving much physical straining over long periods of time.   But I love my kiddos.  And I loooooove seeing them smile.  Whether it's at a science fair, a soccer game, or putting on pretty dresses to go to the grocery store, it doesn't much matter. 

I'm excited to see what things they choose along the way. And hopefully, at least one of them will care about gut flora. ;)

Zucchini-cupcake salad?

Andrew loved the zucchini salad from the party yesterday (asked for seconds), so I made it again for dinner tonight. 

"Guess what, Andrew!  We're having the zucchini salad you liked yesterday."

Andrew: "What's it called?"

Me (with dramatic flair): "It's the Amazing...Andrew's...Zucchini Salad!"

"Does it have cupcakes in it?"

Um.  No.