Thursday, September 2, 2010

"God Grew Tired Of Us"

I don't really understand why certain things resonate with our soul.  I often wonder if there are things sent our way...or if they just "stick" when we discover them, because it leads us down the path we're supposed to be on?

I don't know why I found the Lost Boys' website.  Why I was so taken with it.  Why it meant so much to me, before I'd met a single Sudanese refugee.  And then meeting them, knowing took on an even bigger magic.

I keep wondering why.  What I'm meant to do with it.  Is it just about sitting across tables from them, holding babies, being a friend? Donating outgrown clothes and couches? Is it bigger?  Writing grants, letters to senators, what? 

When I met them, I saw that it isn't the charitable thing I expected.  It wasn't that they needed me.  Creating friendship, developing connections, yes.  But there wasn't an unequal balance.  I had so much to learn from them too.

I have spent the last two hours, home alone, watching God Grew Tired Of Us.  Sobbing so hard in parts that I couldn't even see the screen.  I'd heard the stories of the camps, of what they went through.  But to see the pictures. 

This movie did everything a movie could possibly ask to do.  Truly, a masterpiece. There was such a love for the Sudanese behind the writing, the camera, everything.  Such respect for their humanity.

They captured the triumphant spirit of the Lost Boys and Girls.  The brilliant, articulate understanding about what life means.  How they value relationships and connections.  How they find American culture a bit distancing and disconnected, and crave the tribal friendships they left behind.  How they work multiple jobs, sacrificing rest and recreation, to send back nearly every penny back home.

Everyone should see this movie.  Whether they know about the Lost Boys...think they care about the war in doesn't matter. There is something here for every person. 

So what I need to ponder now, is what am I supposed to do with what I'm feeling?  And where does it go from here?