Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Poopoo Day

Simone was a total Poopoo Head today. 

I mean that with the deepest of affection.  But really.

There are certain things that can make a morning run more smoothly.  I packed lunches last night.  Bathed everyone before bed.  Backpacks to the car.  Clothes laid out.

And then children can turn any well-run plan into mush, just by being a Poopoo Head.

Today is the day when I have to stay at co-op the entire 5 hours.  Simone isn't in class.  So I sat in the nursery with Poopoo Head, with her shrieking about pretty much everything.  I took oodles of walks around the building, because it was the only thing that kept her calmish.  And by "calmish" I pretty much mean the shrieking wasn't ear-shattering.

I drove them around during lunchtime (all three) so she'd go down for her nap.  But no.  So I had 2 more hours of her *needing* her nap.  Shrieking even more in the nursery.  I'm pretty sure at one point she shouted she hated me, although it was in a baby-shrieking blur. 

Yeah, it was that kind of day.

So here's where I stand on the rather unpleasant day.

(1) I hate, hate, hate teething.  Especially molars and canines, but none of them are particularly awesome.

(2) I have no idea why she had to shriek her way through co-op, then come home and be absolutely, completely delightful.  Steve received a venting phone message about how I really-really-really didn't like motherhood today...and then came home to 3 cherubically adorable children.  Of course.

(3) I married my husband for many reasons.  But I now love him most when he comes home, takes one look at me, and takes out all three children to the park for an hour.  THIS is true love.

(4) I need to find a drive-thru Starbucks near co-op.  I spent our drive-around lunchtime scoping out 5 local Starbucks on GPS.  No drive-thru.  The things we value after children are so strange.

(5) Going grocery shopping without children tonight was THE...BEST...THING...EVER!!!  It's a pretty unfun day when that seems exhilarating awesome.

And finally... (6) I'm fairly sure it's worth investing in having Simone at Casey's during co-op.  She loves it at Casey's, even whilst teething, and Casey lives right by there.  Why-oh-why didn't I think of this early?

Signing off my blubbering blog.  I need to call Casey.