Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Snapshots before 8AM

I jotted these notes of my kids' comments from this morning on my notepad, and realized I wanted to save them here.  Their personalities are so striking to me, in each of these moments of my children.


Simone (2y1m), pointing to my computer.  "Can you buy me shoes on there?"


Jack (6) coming into the room: "I think we figured out the problem, why Teen Wolf isn't playing.  The settings say 'Video 1' but we need 'Video 2'.  We need to find the black remote so we can adjust it."

I love how he chooses words and creates phrases.


Andrew (3.5y), talking about the digestion movie we watched last night: "Well, it was pretty cool.  But there were no swords in it."

And yes, we watch digestion movies.  This is how we kick-it in the Spas household. 

Psychology of economics

The boys were helping me prep for the kids' econ class I teach on Friday.  We were collecting examples of "want" and "need" from around the house. 

Needs:  can of black beans, shoe, shirt, bottle of water. 

Wants:  small teddy bear, walkie-talkie, toy car, fancy dress. 

Jack brought over a toy light saber.  "Here's another 'want'."

Andrew, alarmed: "What?  No!  That's a NEED."

Note to self:  Put in footnote on lesson plan that wants and needs are sometimes relative. =)