Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"Inside of your mind"

Jack can spend hours a day drawing.  In fact, he often does.  His level of detail makes me smile the most,  because he even draws the knuckles of hands.  All the scales of a dinosaur. The inner anatomy of a person. 

He spent all night creating a board game to play with Steve.  One of the highlights for me was how he labeled Steve's side: "Dad Tomis Spasuvich."  When he labels drawings, it's always phonetic spelling.  I will be sad when that goes away.

There's a "Two of Everything" monster who has two hearts, two lungs, two heads, two hands.  [He wants me to add to my list, "two knees."]

I love this little boy so much.

I was watching him drawing, his tiny little body hunched over the paper, and said to him:  "What is it that makes you like drawing so much?  How does it make you feel when you draw?"

And he said: "I love how you can take all the ideas in your mind and share them with someone.  They can SEE what you're thinking.  It's like they are inside of your mind. " 

Making little human beings... and then watching them explode into the most marvelous, incredible honor.  That's too small of a word.  It really IS a miracle. 

Yes, motherhood might drive me crazy sometimes.  And the jumping/wrestling/shrieking might make me question my sanity at the end of a long week...

But then one of them will do something, like draw this little board game to share with their dad... create these tiny little animals with specific detail... and say something like that about drawing.  They become something bigger and more intricate than you ever could have imagined before they were born. 

When the midwife gave this tiny little bundled person to me in the bed and I looked into his eyes the first time, I couldn't wait to see his future.  Who was he going to be?  I loved him from the first moment I knew he was going to be born, but I knew nothing about him.

I didn't really anticipate how MUCH joy learning him would give me. 

What a wonderful little person he is.