Monday, October 4, 2010

Econ 101 from my backseat

Today, we went on a journey to buy sushi at Trader Joe's.  By journey, I mean we drove for 5 minutes from our meeting with 3 persons squealing "sushi!" from the back of the car.  It felt much longer than 5 minutes.

They were all wanting the "little sushis" (the 6 pack)...but their economist-mother was trying to explain the value of the Big Sushi Platter.  You can feed 3 children for $6.99 with the party platter, but each "little sushi" costs about four bucks. 

We multiplied, we subtracted, we did all sorts of fun things to prove my point.

They still wanted the "little sushi."


"Okay.  So what can you do to help pay for the cost difference?"  (Being a child of an econ instructor is difficult). ;)

Jack: "How about if you pay your 2 dollars you would have spent, and I'll give you two dollars."

Andrew: "How about if you give ME two dollars...and then you give me ANOTHER two dollars."

Me: "Umm...."

Simone: "I have two dollars!"

Me: "Where did you earn two dollars?"

Simone: "I took Jack's two dollars."

Clearly, we still have some economic lessons to explore.