Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Operation Out-of-Survival-Grocery-Mode

My house is a mess and we've been eating ready-made food for the last month.  Sometimes organic grass-fed beef hot dogs...other times Tony's pizza and donuts I've run across the street to buy after the kids are in bed (or send Steve).  This week has been much calmer than my last month, but I can see the last month left some souvenirs in my life. 

Like crappy eating habits.

I think the only reason I didn't gain weight the last month was because I was barely eating.  Also not good.  Starving all day and then slamming an entire frozen pizza down your throat isn't really a good weight-loss plan. 

I want to feel strong and healthy and full. 

I'm completely addicted to crap food at this point, so I'll have to wean back into things.  My goals for this week:

- Drink 64 oz of water, not just coffee all day.  One of these days, life is going to hand me a kidney stone to repay me for my 32 years of terrible drinking habits.  And no, I don't mean alcohol. ;)  If I'm drinking it, it's probably coffee or lemonade.  I need to embrace pure water.

- A salad every day. I don't care if it's loaded with sun-dried tomatoes, dressing, whatever it takes to get it down for the first week.  I must eat something green every day. 

- donuts.  Really.

- Eat something solid for breakfast.  A banana, apple, something.  Drinking coffee in the car on the way to teaching doesn't qualify for a meal.

I went to Trader Joe's today and loaded the cart with over $300 of food that was healthy.  Ready-to-go pomegranate seeds, organic veggie stock, cranberry sauce in a jar.  My Thanksgiving is coming in a package this year.  I just need to cook the turkey.  And we'll see if I feel like doing even that. :)

 I think sometimes my Puritan economics mindset at the grocery store backfires...because I buy all these need-to-cook-from-scratch materials.  But that's not how my life operates right now.  I teach oodles of online classes (okay, 10...but it feels like oodles), a few co-op ones, part-time college professor two days a week.  I need to use some of those funds to pay someone to chop my sweet potatoes for me. :) 

My role in life right now isn't a homemaker...and quite honestly, I'm not sure that was a good fit for me anyway.  Maybe it will be again.  But cleaning the house isn't fun for me.  Cooking 3 meals a day from scratch aren't fun for me either.  I love to cook, but for events...not for actual daily sustenance.  Teaching economics and English?  Rocks my world.  Doing things out and about with my kids?  Absolutely.  Somehow, I need to peel off some of the extra layers of my life, and get back to the core of who *I* am. 

Maybe if I stop thinking I'll make scratch-muffins for breakfast, and just buy the damn pre-made Trader Joe's muffins, things would run more smoothly.

Tomorrow:  Operation Laundry.