Monday, November 22, 2010

This week, I am thankful...

(1) For Trader Joe's, who takes such good care of my family's food needs...even when I don't.

(2) That you can go to Melting Pot and just get the chocolate fondue course.

(3)'s 2-day free shipping with Prime.

(4) That after 3 children and 14 years, I still find my husband to be the funniest, kindest, most insightful, handsomest man I know.

(5) For my Canon Rebel's auto-focus setting, which takes amazing pictures even when I have no clue what I'm doing.

(6) That the Dean approved my taking off summer session, but still getting the official Visiting Professor position.  I had moments of angst about having to choose which path to take, but ended up getting to take both.  Deeply grateful.

(7)  For truly incredible woman-friends...with or without cheesecake and sushi MNOs...and how they re-fuel my spirit and energy every time I see them.

(8) For Google, without which I'm not sure how I'd survive my insatiable need for information AND immediate gratification tendencies.

(9) That my mom's death was the way everyone should leave the Earth, and thinking about how it happened fills me with more joy than grief.  Even as I miss her deeply, I never have regrets about how I lost her.

(10) For three active, curious, interested, active, soulful, active, and colorful little children.  Oh, and did I mention active?  Parenting them is the most miraculous thing I have ever done.  Tiring too, but definitely miraculous.

(11) That we live across the street from the ocean...and across the other street from the grocery store. 

(12) For marble countertops, which I swore I didn't care about having...and now that I have them, I realize they are pretty darn awesome. 

(13) That the people below us moved out of the Winter Rental, so we can jump again. Okay, so Andrew can jump again.  The rest of us don't really have an ongoing need to jump off the couch.  Praying that the condo stays empty the rest of our Winter lease.  :)

(14) That Cancun is less than a month away, and I'll have FIVE child-less days with my husband.  I'm not even sure how to fathom that reality, but I'm pretty sure it will be fabulous.

(15) For the people who put up Christmas lights early, and stores already decorated with trees.  In my book, Christmas can't last too long.

(16) That my children hit the jackpot with grandparents.  And, that my children seem to know that. 

(17) That the YMCA offers free childcare when Steve works out.  There's nothing better than cleaning my kitchen in an empty house, and knowing it will *stay* clean for at least an hour.

(18) For wireless laptops.  I'm sure iPhones are even better, but no, I don't have one yet.

(19) That after 10 years of teaching, it keeps getting better and better.  I never set out to be a professor on purpose... but now that I am, I know I'll do this until I die.  Or until all 3 colleges fire me...whichever comes first.

(20)  Castile soap.  It cleans my face, laundry, dishes, hands, and floors better than anything else I've found. It's the best shaving cream too. And... having only one bottle to buy makes my minimalist heart sing.

What are you thankful for?