Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How do I love thee, Internet? Let me count the ways.

Even narrowing it to the last 24 hours, the internet has brought me joy by:

- Letting me send Amazon gift cards via email to the boys' teachers.  In my pajamas.  At midnight.

- Allowing me to finish my Christmas newsletter and upload a PDF file to Kinko's website.  Specify two sides, standard paper, color printing.  Have it sent electronically to the branch by the university where I taught today.  Pre-pay for it.  They email me when it's done.  And I run in and out in UNDER FIVE MINUTES.

- Oh, and:  Google for a coupon code for Kinko's (in my pajamas) and in under a minute find one that saves me $25 off my order.  Not a bad hourly wage. 

I love you, Internet.

Also of note:

- Instead of hassling my friends who moved this year (I attract nomadic friends...I can't imagine why!) ;) I could find most of them on  Christmas cards done in no time.  One of my absolute favorite traditions, made significantly easier in the last few years.

- Pay bills through my bank's website.

- Have my dad send me scanned newspaper articles via email.  I used to find stacks of them on my bed when I came home.  This is one particularly sweet way my dad shows affection, so it's nice to get my regular sampling even from 1000 miles away.

- Order my new curriculum for the co-op econ class.  In my pajamas.  At midnight.

- Do online scheduling for my haircut.  I LOVE PLACES THAT LET YOU ONLINE SCHEDULE!  In your pajamas.  At midnight. 

- Check Cancun's weather for the week.  How did people do those things before the internet? How did you pack for vacations?

- The obvious one:  Grade final papers online for a school I haven't stepped foot in for the last 8 years.  Having 90% of my livelihood be online makes me especially grateful to the World Wide Web gods.

So much more, I'm sure.  I didn't even mention Facebook, which brings me joy on so many levels.