Monday, December 20, 2010

Mom Day

Mom absolutely loved the Christmas Tree pattern from Spode dishes, and always talked about getting the set.  I was never quite sure why she didn't, as it certainly wasn't about finances.  I still think about it often, and wished she'd bought her special plates. 

I was at TJ Maxx a few weeks ago, and they had a display of that pattern.  I contemplated getting a few plates, but that seemed to run counter to what we're doing in our life - trying to experience relationships and life through memories and experiences, and not about "stuff."  Did I really want to buy a stack of dishes to move around on our adventures? 

Then I saw they had a paper plate version too, which made me laugh out loud in the aisle.  I bought a few sets, and will bring a pack with us to Vegas.  Eat our Christmas dinner on the paper plate version of Mom's special pattern. 

For the actual anniversary, though, there wasn't a strategy in place.  Last year, to honor the first anniversary of her death, we had a chore-free family weekend.  We just did fun things laundry, cooking, whatever.  I remember marveling at HOW MUCH WORK it took to get to that place.  I spent a week to prepare for it. :) 

With the trip to Cancun and leaving for Las Vegas in a few days, a planned anniversary fell to the wayside. I was surprised by what a "Mom" day it ended up being today, without it being on purpose.

The three kids and I drove out to Newport News to drop off three of the Lost Boy families' presents for Christmas.  It'd been planned all week, as I wanted to make sure they got them before Christmas Day.  But when it clicked that today was Her day, I realized how truly perfect that was.  Her love for community and helping others was such a part of her motherhood with us, it seemed only fitting to be doing something like that today.

Peter had to leave before we arrived, so my boys missed out on playing with his two sons.  They've become good friends through our visits, so my boys were disappointed.  I wanted to replace it with something else special, so I decided to drive a bit farther up to Williamsburg and take them to the Yankee Candle Factory.  They don't care about the candles, but it has the area decorated with numerous trees and it snows inside over the bridge they can walk over.

It ended up being a huge hit.  They all dipped wax ornaments -  including the pink car Simone made for Grandpa.  I'm sure he'll appreciate his pink truck wax ornament. :) 

On our way home, we drove through the 42nd street lights.  And then came home, where Steve had pre-made the gingerbread dough so it could refrigerate for a few hours before we got home; that way, the kids just got to roll it out and frost it, without having the looooong wait beforehand. :)  

Today ended up being a perfect day for remembering Mom, and thinking about how she's still influencing our lives.  Christmas and Charity are two words that definitely come to mind with Mom. 

It makes me wonder what "words" my children will attach with me.