Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Summer 2011

I have finalized our summer trip plans.  I know, it seems early.  But even a year in advance, I was only able to get ONE night at the Old Faithful Inn, so I had to pin the rest down early.  Come to find out, it was just that inn that booked up so I could have waited.  But there are a lot of positives to have secured dates and hotels.  Namely, my family's strange taste in lodging, which requires a bit more research than staying at Super 8s along the way.

The boys were in vehement agreement that our ranking for overnights is:

(1) Theme suites.

(2) Camping.

(3) "Boring hotel rooms" (direct quote).

So, our summer trip is a hodge-podge of several hundred dollar theme rooms and $20 a night tent sites.  We're sleeping in a treehouse suite, a teepee, a Camelot-inspired room, camping out at a bison ranch, and then some historic places, like the Old Faithful Inn.  Many regular campsites along the way. 

I'm curious to see if longer-term camping goes well, as we have it penciled in to road trip and camp through Europe in 2012.  I'd rather find out it was a dreadful failure without an ocean and an 11-hour flight back as an obstacle.  But I'm hopeful.

Should be interesting, no matter what.

To kick all of this off, Jack is spending his first time at summer camp.  Immersion Russian, no less!  My, what a strange summer.

I hope my children appreciate their wacky childhood.  So far, it seems like they're having fun.  :)  We'll see when they rebel and ask for a regular childhood...although part of me wonders if I'm even capable of giving them that, and being true to myself. 

Hopefully, the most important part of motherhood is an authentic spirit on my part, while also honoring them?  I tell myself that.  We'll see.