Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Andrew's vision of fatherhood

After reading about the Coen brothers, I asked Jack and Andrew: “Would you two ever want to run a business together?”

Jack (6.5): “Yeah! Andrew, what business would we run?”

Andrew (4): “Making toys.”

Jack: “Yeah, we could be toymakers. That would be good.”

Simone (2): “And I’D make princesses for my babies.”

Andrew: “You know, Simone, you have to marry a boy to get a baby. You really do.” Face scrunched up like he's disgusted: “Jack and I have to marry GIRLS to have sons.” (This same child makes vomit noises when I kiss his father).

Me again: “What are some things you'd like to do with your sons, do you think?”

Andrew: “Love them. And I’ll show them my glasses. But when I’m BIG, my glasses will be too small. sons will probably just BREAK them.”

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