Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Emergency Sunrise

I was standing at the refrigerator at dawn this morning, and caught a glimpse of the sky through the window.  Sunrise!  Pinks and golds and radiant reds filled the sky.  It was amazing.  I was disappointed the towering oceanfront hotels were covering up the best part...and then I had a thought:

"Kids, quick!  Get on your clothes and jackets...we're going over to the beach to watch the sunrise."

The scramble was hilarious.  Andrew threw on a Buzz Lightyear suit and cowboy boots.  I threw on the first clothes I found: cropped spandex pants, white athletic socks and my clogs, with my gray wool coat thrown over it.  Simone put on her dress-up princess shoes with feathers and heels.  Jack wore his PJ top and some sweatpants and his parka.

I threw the little ones in the stroller and we RAN breathless down Atlantic Avenue to get to the other side of the oceanfront hotels in time.

Spectacularly gorgeous.  It's mind-blowing, really, how breathtaking the world can be.  I need to see more sunrises.


(1) Thank goodness we were the ONLY ones on the oceanfront at that point, as we looked like we'd dressed out of the dumpsters, and our hair was straight out of bed.  If we'd been spotted, someone would have likely given us a dollar and a sandwich.

(2) I'm grateful my lungs didn't shatter from breathing the COLD morning air as we ran and laughed the whole way over there.

(3) For as strange, chaotic, and silly the whole scenario felt really good to do something strange, chaotic and silly with the kids.  We need more mornings like that.

(4) The universe is a freakin' gorgeous place to live.  I feel so honored sitting front-row to miracles like oceanfront sunrises, little boys wearing Buzz Lightyear suits, and a little girl in love with her feather boa and high heeled plastic shoes.

Life is good.

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JayRo said...

What a perfect moment and memory.. I tell myself ALL the time how blessed I am to be up at the good-God-it's-dark hours of the morning. It's magical :))