Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Miracles really do happen

Today, Simone and Andrew were under each others' skin all....day...long.

Possibly because I was actually well-rested, possibly because of the rockin' moms last night re-fueling my mothering tank, but I was feeling equipped to manage the antagonism.

When they'd get into it, I kept trying new tricks.  Big goofy family hugs, spontaneously announcing that we were all going to make monkey noises, and other such nonsense.  Thank goodness there are no hidden cameras in my house.

Around 5pm, they were arguing over Legos again.

*Deep breath*

I called them over and said: "I remember when Simone was born, and you were sooooo excited to meet her.  I know you two love each other so much.  Do we really want to fight about Legos and squash all that love?''

Then I pulled up the pictures of when Simone was born and Andrew meeting her for the first time.  Thank goodness for my blogginess. ;)

They loved them!  Oohs and aahs.  Then reached over and hugged each other...then ran off to build a "super cool thing" out of Legos together.  They were giggling.   Telling each other how nice the other one's project was, and other such miraculous moments.

The funny part to me, is how I sometimes need to go back to that new-baby-innocence to get back my soft feelings back.  The squishy, sleepy, fat-wristed little bundles. 

Maybe I'll wallpaper our home with newborn pics.  It appears to reset all of our love-tanks.

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