Thursday, January 20, 2011

Motherhood is so easy once they fall asleep

No matter how much my various children might boycott breakfast... refuse to wear a coat to preschool and then whine about how cold it is... leave Wedgits spread from one end of the living room to another... leave dirty clothes *next* to the hamper instead of in it... spill more wild rice across the table than made it to their mouths... squabble the entire way to and from kung-fu practice...and then cry in the office supplies aisle because it's way past their bedtime and their mom had to drag them out for an emergency errand when Dad wasn't home...

They are stinkin' beautiful once they are asleep.

Serene, peaceful, perfectly formed little cherubs.  

I need to carry that picture around in my wallet, so I can stare adoringly at it during the 2-year-old's next exhausted, overtired tantrum in Aisle 5.

Motherhood will illuminate every emotion the human is capable of feeling, even ones you didn't know existed before children. 

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