Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Muffin top morning

Last night, we decided we were going to have a real breakfast this morning.  It's rare to have a weekday where we don't have to be somewhere until 1:00, like today, so we were going to do it up right.  The kids picked out the menu last night: Simone wanted bacon, Jack wanted broccoli and hash browns, and Andrew wanted muffins.

Fast forward to this morning, and Simone is shrieking about hash browns being on her plate, and Andrew was angry and crying that I just bought the frozen "muffin tops" and not real muffins.

Not okay.

I started into my eery-calm-but-don't-mess-with-mama voice:

"I am not happy right now.  At all.  You *don't* have to like the food, but you have to be respectful. This family is kind to each other. If you drew me a picture or made me a breakfast, I would never-ever treat you this way about it."

Simone went completely calm.  Then looked at me very seriously and said: "Mommy.  I too young to cook."

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