Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My ridiculous family

We found "MadMenYourself" online today, and spent an embarrassing amount of time as a family creating pictures.  Well, not Steve. He's too mature for such things (and he has a job), but he did think his child-designed portrait was funny.  Especially since they gave him a donut. :)

You pick hair style and color, nose and mouth, everything.  All three kids took their choices so seriously.  Like they were doing some real and important.  When you get to Simone's, below, you'll see why this is particularly funny.  Andrew wanted to represent the glasses he just got today, and wanted to wear a "gentleman suit."  Jack is a pirate. 

Here, apparently, is how my children view our family:

Ah, Simone. My darling girl, who spent long periods of serious contemplation picking out her cigarette, her pink nightie, her glasses...and her "cute juice" (aka, a Bloody Mary). When she was done she propped her little head in her hands and stared adoringly at the screen. "I look boo-tee-full."


Lydia said...

This is hilarious! Is Steve holding a cruller?? Or is that some kind of IUD? Hahaha! Love that the baby is the one displaying the most vices.

Sarahbeth said...

Hahaha. Steve got a donut. Not that there's *any* accuracy there, LOL. Just kidding. He loves his pastries.

Good lord, the kids are observant. They were so particular about the specific hair-styles and nose shape, it was hilarious.

Their main failure, though, was my lack of vices. Huh? Where's my coffee cup? Major oversight. And they gave me gloves because I'm always cold, LOL...certainly not because I travel in fine-dining circles and attend black-tie affairs. :)