Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"They're just muscular"

I have really big cheekbones.  If you've noticed it, no worries.  I've not sensitive about it, so you can make fun of my chipmunk-cheeks all you want.  :) 

Current Facebook profile pic at left, as Exhibit A of my Big Cheeks.

I said to Steve, when looking at this picture: "Goodness, I have big cheekbones.  It looks like I have cheek implants."

Steve, trying to be a reassuring husband: "I love your cheeks.  They're not chubby or anything.  They're just...muscular."

Even writing this here, I burst out laughing again.  "Muscular cheeks"??  Goodness, I love this man.  It needs to be part of the permanent file of ridiculous things said in our family, although there's hardly a shortage there.

Aren't you glad you wasted 2 minutes of your life reading about my chipmunk cheeks? :)

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