Monday, February 28, 2011

Bullet-point Babble

Too much to say, and too scattered to limit to one cohesive post.  So cohesiveness will not be the goal.  Here are the bullet-points that feel like spilling out of my mind tonight:

- Karen's discussion this morning and the verse:  "For out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks."  Yes!  So true!  Sometimes, my "overflow" is overtired, frantic, busy mama.  Work and parenting and life and wife-hood and everything just collides into chaos.  My goal for tomorrow, this week, this life... is to have better schtuff overflowing my heart.  When I am overflowing with love, my mouth speaks that love, it fills my children's heart, and then their mouths speak it too.  It begins with me.  I love these little nuggets with all my heart.  How can I ever be impatient with them?

- An amazing eye appointment tonight. Yes, amazing.  Not just because he solved my eye-prescription confusion (phew!)...but also because he spent 2 hours teaching me all about eyes, neurological development relating to eyes in the first 7 years, violin, muscular-skeletal adjustments while working on the computer, and all sorts of other doodads of incredible wisdom. One of my favorite things in life:  Meeting a Brilliant Person...and then Brilliant Person having the time to share it with me, without being condescending.   

- I am in love with the Golden Ratio.  I first learned about it on Criminal Minds, mentioned in passing.  Contemplated finding a book about it, it sounded so freakin' fascinating.  Then stumbled on a documentary days later on the Science Channel, talking about how Greeks used it in architecture.  Be still my heart.  I ran to meet Steve at the door when he got home, brain about to burst with joy:

With complete calm: "Yeah, it's 1.610..." 
Nerd.  "So why didn't you tell me how awesome it was?"
"It is pretty cool.  Especially how you see it in nature."

So I'm doing a unit study for myself, on Ancient Math.  Golden ratios and other cool stuff they NEVER TAUGHT ME IN SCHOOL.  Bought a book.  All that money we spent on college degrees, graduate school, etc etc.  And for $10 on Amazon, they'll ship me a book to teach me all about Ancient Math.

- Jack's test came back positive for metals.  Ick.  Big ick.  But I think I'm finally absorbing what Steve said when I called him: "Isn't it only a problem if we don't know about it, though, not if we do?"  He's right.  We can fix this.  And quickly, I guess. Knowledge is power. 

Reminder #1,456,682 in motherhood to trust my instincts, more than anything else.  If something doesn't seem right with one of my children, keep listening to that voice.  I can't believe how much that inner voice really does know. 

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