Sunday, March 13, 2011

The way to his heart is through a smoothie

Andrew loves smoothies.  Gina jokes that he reminds her of Lord of the Flies, because of his fruit adoration.  Gnawing his mango during lunch. :) Whenever I take him out, that's what he asks to get: a smoothie.

After swimming, I took him shopping at Heritage to pick up a few things. I had a coupon for a free item at the cafe, so we stopped and got smoothies for both of us.

The absolute, utter contentment on this sweet child's face is indescribable.  Never mind that he'd had a nearly identical smoothie for breakfast too.  He just sucked that smoothie up like pure love was coursing through the straw.  Eyes aglow with joy.

In the car: "When YOU were a little girl, did YOU get smoothies with your mom?"

Oh my goodness.  Yes!  I did.  Every time she took me to the mall for new clothes or what-nots, we would stop at Orange Julius and get a smoothie.  His question smacked me back about 25 years.  I hadn't thought of that in years. Walking through the mall, sipping my drink with my mom.  Spending time with her.  Remembering that feeling, how special it was to spend time with her, made me even more grateful that we've made conscious effort to get Andrew a lot of solo-time with us.

It's amazing to think that in 20-30 years, he might look back on these moments with me with that same soft recollection of childhood.  That I'm shaping the fabric of his early years. 

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