Sunday, April 10, 2011

"Raindrops on roses..."

Just go back from camping.  Thunderstorms like crazy.  And you know how I know our family is meant to be hard-core campers?  We still loved it!

I curled up in my sleeping bag, listening to the rain fall on our tent, and it just felt awesome to be in that moment with my family.  Dry, thankfully.  Our tent is officially rainproof. But just totally absorbing nature...even if it meant a crazy loud thunderstorm and dripping wet outdoors.

I am thankful I packed rain-boots for all my Littles.  Now I just need them for myself...

What we learned this weekend:

- We love camping, even if it rains the whole time.

- Of the entire Raleigh-Durham area, Chapel Hill rocked our world most.

- Emergency-versions of ponchos are terrible.  I came home and bought "real" ponchos on Amazon.

- There's a healthy, eco-friendly fast food place called EVOS that I want to stalk.  Great fries. 

- We love, love, love, love, love college towns.  If they have a big enough college, that is.  Love them.   The moment we got near UNC Chapel Hill, we felt this vibe emanating from the town.  I could definitely live there.  Explains why we love Madison too.  It had a very similar vibe.  If it were warmer, Steve would have already moved us to Madison.

- We thought there'd be a clear winner between Hampton Roads and the Research Triangle, but there wasn't.  We could be happy both places.  That's a good feeling.  Maybe we could be at peace nearly any place.  Except cold places.  We hate those places. 

I have rambled enough. I have homework today.  Probably explains this post.

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