Monday, May 23, 2011

"Chocolate cake for the soul" (because it's much tastier than chicken soup)

I spent my morning with a group of awesome moms, talking about how to be better stewards of our children.  How to fill ourselves up, so we can give back to these little creatures who need fed/wiped/hugged/carried/etc...

And ended my night eating chocolate cake and laughing with a group of women, talking about how to be better wives to our husbands.

I am feeling inspired in a way that only other women can inspire.  It's amazing to me, on a regular basis, how much that "village" of women is an important ingredient in being the best wife/mom I can be.  There's something very specific and particular about the way that talking with others can validate and re-fuel me. 

They understand that you can be driven batty by your children and still love them fiercely.  How complicated it can be to be a caring, loving wife at the end of a long day.  No judgment.  And somehow, talking about those complications makes it easier to move past them.  To come home and be that patient mom...the caring wife.

Today was a very good day.


Julie Riegle said...

I don't know whether to say "ditto" or "amen!"

Thank you for putting into words how i think we all feel.

Glad to know you, friend.

Sarahbeth said...

And thank YOU for being such a huge part of this element in my life! Last night was so re-charging. I feel like I can take on the world today. :)