Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

When I look around, I see so many ways that my mother's legacy is still very alive and very real.  And I picture her watching us with a content smile about the family that she left behind.

We talk of her often.  My children have cemented the idea that even when you die...people love you, talk about you, and remember you.  That if something happens to me, I will always be their mom.  That love and family extends far beyond physical bodies.

My dad is in Italy right now, continuing that legacy of exploration and travel that they started together.  And while she would love to have been there, I also know she'd be so glad he was doing this.  Exploring the world and taking advantage of every opportunity.

I wish so often that she could see my children, growing so much every day.  How much joy they brought her.  And yet, I feel her in these moments, too.  What we create in our lives keeps moving forward in the world.  Her love and curiosity and sense of family is still very much here, because of her.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom.  You are loved and missed.

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