Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's my husband (yes, I'm serious)

My husband woke up early with the children today, made everyone breakfast, got them dressed, brought Jack to Russian, and has had them at the park for 6 hours now so I could have some space to myself.

This from a man who has been working full-time and taking 6 graduate accounting courses this semester.  When we went camping, I'd take the kids hiking while he sat back at the campfire with a textbook.  This week, he finished all his final exams. It should have been him sacked out on the couch with the remote.

Words cannot describe how grateful I am for this man in our family:  husband to me and father to my children.  Taking care of us is something he does very well.

I have big shoes to fill on Father's Day.

I have watched the progression of Self from the beginning of my solo-time this morning  until now.  I began on the couch watching Law and Order and wearing my pajamas.  It was so nice to just catch a breath and have some space filled with quiet.

And as time went by, I found myself vacuuming...making food for the week...finishing all the laundry and PUTTING IT toilets...making piles of boxes to bring to storage for the move.

Our house looks beautiful.  And trust did NOT this morning.

Family life really is a circle of give and take.  When we take care of each other, we equip them to take care of us as well.  Steve's gift of Time today means he'll come home to a nice dinner...all his dress shirts cleaned and hung up...and the house immaculate.  If he'd taken the children out with the expectation that I'd stay home and clean, I'm quite certain that wouldn't have happened.  But knowing his graciousness today was to re-fuel my spirit, I felt overwhelmed with love to then take care of him.

I feel very blessed by this family in my life.

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