Sunday, May 29, 2011

Voluntary Homelessness

So we move tomorrow.

Into a tent.

For three weeks.

I should be a bit more unsettled, I suppose, on the eve of a move.  Into a tent.  But in truth, I'm feeling only excitement. 

We're whittling away at the clearing out.  There's hardly anything left in the freezer and fridge.  Boxes are to storage.  We have a lot of the fix-its taken care of, like hanging the new doors on the closet where the mirror cracked.

Yet to do:  Scrape off all the stickers from the patio door window.   *Sigh*  Oh yes, and clean out the oven.  I'll save that until last.

I'm curious to see how we look back on our three-weeks-o'-camping period.   We've already got the back-up plans in mind.  More than 24 hours of rain, and we're checking into the nearest hotel. :)  If it's too hot, I'll take the kids to the movies.  We have a clothing rod in the van, so Steve can hang all his work clothes.  Ha! 

It's interesting to me how long I spent researching a sublet or some other alternative plan, when I'm not really sure why we didn't embrace this from the beginning.  Beyond the complications of Steve going to work from the campground, I can't think of a single drawback. 

I was taking boxes out to the car tonight, and smelled that crisp, clean ocean air.  And felt a rush of excitement about this next adventure.  Our voluntary homelessness phase, living out of tents and themed suites for the next three months.  :) All that air and sunshine.  Campfires every night. 

I'm ready.  I'm excited to have the kids paint without worrying about carpets.  Eat without it mattering if anything spills.  Playing with dirt and sticks all day, and going hiking with the kids.  Geocaching.  And many days at Ocean Breeze Water Park.

I keep coming back to the idea that you can't live someone else's life.  You've got to figure out what your family needs...who you are...what makes your life "work"...without regard to how silly it sounds.  And breaking a lease so my 4-year-old can jump as much as he wants...?  Well, that might not make sense to most people.  But tonight, surrounded by boxes and camping's sounding *quite* perfect to me. 

Let the summer adventure begin. :)


Hyacynth said...

The kids are going to be in hog heaven, SB! HAve so much fun!

Laura said...

Sounds awesome!