Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 4: Our new normal

Today was our first "typical" day at the campsite.  Awoke around 5:15 to the white rooster cock-a-doodle-doo'in outside our tent. 

Thanks, Rooster.

Steve went to work, and I had the Littles at home.  Nothing on the agenda today.  Unusual for us.  I was curious to see how a regular old day would look at the campsite. 

The fire was slow to start this morning; it was holding a bit of moisture from the overnight and kept dying out on me.  About 45 minutes I tinkered with it.  I have to say, coffee after a slow-to-start fire tastes INCREDIBLE. At some point, I might lose my campfire-purist-side and get those fire starters.  But right now, I'm on a mission to become a pro at that Swedish army flint stick I have.  I practice for awhile, and then use matches. :)

The kids just played around all morning (mostly cutting masks out of paper plates and building robots out of firewood), while I took care of domestic things.  Cleaning up the site a bit, figuring out what food needed to be cooked soon, cleaning dishes, laundry. 

Mid-day, we got in the car and drove to Cullipher's farm stand (10 miles away) and bought peaches, plums, May peas, watermelon, and blueberries.  Our meals have been simple.  Fruit from the stands.  Some type of meat grilled on the campfire.  Simple potatoes. 

The kids have lost any pickiness they'd had, especially Andrew.  I think seeing so much effort go into food creation, they're more apt to eat it without comment?  Not really sure.  Or maybe it's just because they realize there's not something else coming down the pipeline. ;)  With full fridge and pantry, there's always some sense that there's a better option available.  Here, we're buying food just for the day and breakfast next morning.  We have the ice chest, but that's it.  It limits options, but I'm appreciating that right now.  We'll see after 3 weeks. :)

What surprised me most about today:  I was doing everything I used to do, but it took significantly longer than "the real world."  But it was also significantly more satisfying.  Extra effort does infuse tasks with more triumph.  It felt good to scrub the dishes at the water pump down the path. 

Dinner tonight: Hard-boiled eggs from Trader Joe's (from the old home and needed to be used up), plums, and a campfire chili made with ground buffalo, a jar of salsa from the market, and a can of black beans.  Delicious.


treesalldance said...

Sarahbeth, this is such a cool thing you are doing! I would love to do something similar with my family.

Sarahbeth said...

I am loving it so much. It's an incredible "homeschooling" lesson, that's for sure! We're all learning so much about nature, life skills, etc. Apparently, the week after Memorial Day is the time to live in a tent - it's EMPTY at North Landing. It will be busy again on the weekend, but for now, we have the place to ourselves. It lets us really settle into the elements.