Thursday, June 30, 2011

Nothing says "love" like a pink water gun

Andrew (4), looking out the car window deep in thought: "Mommy?  All the people driving the cars, trucks, and motorcycles?  Did they all used to be kids and now they're all grown up?

I love this question because it's typical-Andrew.  He can look like he's just hanging out back there, but his brain is always whirring.  And usually, the whirring revolves around questioning life, death, and the cycle of life. 

*   *    *   *   *    *   *   *    *

I took out Andrew tonight, just him and me.  We were running a few errands that were likely pretty boring for him - although he loved helping me pick out a watch for Steve. 

But watching his mom do errands couldn't have been much fun, so I told him we'd pop into the dollar store and buy him something.  He spent about 15 minutes looking for the perfect thing, and finally settled on a pack of 4 water guns.  

"I'm getting this so I can share it with everyone.  The pink one for Simone; the yellow one for Jack; the purple one for you. I'll have the green one."

Two elements of this are *so* Andrew.   One, that he chose some type of weaponry.  :)  This doesn't surprise me in the least.  But also, that he used his "pick any toy in the store" opportunity to buy something that he could share with others.

He's one of the most loyal, dedicated, giving little spirits I know.  I really hope that never goes away.  

Even if it's just about buying weaponry for those he loves most. :)

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