Friday, August 5, 2011

Andrew, my 4-year-old philosophy major

Lying with Andrew at night is one of the best parts of my day. I think in large part, it’s because he’s getting so many of his primary needs met. He loves being held and snuggled, and he loves to chat and ask questions.  So many times, the day just isn’t set up for unfettered access to me.  Yes, they pummel me with questions right and left, but the pace at bedtime is different.  He gets my undivided attention.

I am always amazed by his type of thinking...the depths of his he skipped over the simple kid questions and right into the deep ones that I'm not really sure how to answer.  I love that about him, but it makes for interesting bedtime chats.

Tonight, these are a few of the questions he wanted to know:

”How can you tell who is a bad Sudanese person?  The ones who hurt kids? If you go to Sudan, do the bad people look different than the good ones?”

”What happened to the parents of kids who are orphans?  How do I know I won’t be an orphan?”

”If you want to marry someone and they don’t want to marry you back, what happens?”

”Why were human beings created to be ticklish?”

”When I grow up, I want to be a doctor so I can help people not to die.”

”If someone doesn’t have enough love and it turns them into a bad guy, can we give them so much love that it turns them back into good?”

We were talking about moms and dads, and I said: “What’s your favorite part about having a 
mom and a dad?”  He said: “You give me hugs and snuggles.  And when I ask you for food, you say yes.”

I think he just defined the most perfect recipe for loving him that he could have. =) Snuggles and food.  That sums it up pretty well.

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