Friday, August 12, 2011

Camping Supplies

I posted logistics in another posting, but this is the run-down of our favorite camping supplies.  For those of you who requested the post, let me know if I've missed anything of interest.

Cots: Go-kots.  They have children and adult sizes.  We have the adult-sized with the therm-a-rest pads; they children have the kiddie version.  They fold up about the size of a long Sunday newspaper, and are quick to assemble. I'm a huge fan of this product, and the company.  Steel frames have a lifetime guarantee.

Sleeping bags: All 5 of us have the LL Bean, flannel-lined.  I like the variety of colors - so they're easily distinguishable, and the kids can have their favorite color. :)

Pillows: I love our pillows.  They're the flannel camping pillow from LL Bean, and they stuff tightly into a little sack.  They're surprisingly adequate for a comfortable night's sleep, for how small they stuff. 

Fly Trap: Yes, it doesn't quite rank up there with the tent and sleeping bags, but this thing is so amazing that it bears mentioning. It really works!

If you have something else you'd like mentioned, let me know!  

Happy trails.


Becca U. said...

Based on your recommendation, we bought the Coleman Instant 8-person tent. Do you have any recommendations for rain-proofing or otherwise care for it?

Love your camping posts! Even with no kiddos, we'll take a lot of the advice!


Sarahbeth said...

I'm glad it's helpful! If you have more questions, send them my way.

We got some waterproofing spray (like this stuff:

I should note: It had a label saying it causes cancer in California...but, um...I'm suspicious that cancer is geographically specific. ;) So we did it outdoors with a surgical and let it dry for about a week before using it. My dad was the volunteer, since he worked with the same chemicals at 3M and said it probably already did any damage it would do. Dunno if that's a good way to go. :)

We used it before waterproofing, though, and didn't really have issues. The big thing is just to make sure it's COMPLETELY dry before putting it back in the sack. Mildew happens quickly with tents.

Have fun!

Sarahbeth said...

Whoops, I left out a word. I meant surgical mask.