Friday, August 19, 2011

What to bring when camping with kids

I actually used this article when I set up my camping bins.  I think it's an excellent starting place, and there's not much I can improve on what she shares.  

Some things that I keep in the checklist in my planner, though, that we learned the hard way we needed:

- Large multi-gallon water jug with spout, bought at nearly any grocery store.
- Collapsible cups for the kids (can buy at Target or camping supplies stores). I make each of them a different color.
- Baby wipes. Oodles of uses.
- We have a toddler- toilet that we bring for Simone to use, and just take out the "bowl" that goes in it.  Same idea as squatting in the woods, but she can do it by herself.
- Mason  jar for the camping matches
- Fully charged battery for camera, and an extra memory card
- Flip video camera and spare batteries
- Fleece hats, wool socks, and long-johns - especially in shoulder-season, when it can turn cold at night.  Cold children are cranky children, in my experience.
- Several bottles of pump-top hand sanitizer, in case there isn't water at your site
- Many, many, many more socks than you think you'll need for the kids.  Dry socks are a must.
- Rain boots.  Then if it rains, the next day is fun for them - not a muddy disaster.
- I bring 3 sets of shoes for the kids: rain boots, easy on/off shoes for outside the tent, and tennis shoes or hiking shoes for walks.  For adults, we just omit the rain boots - although I think I want some too. :)

Hope that helps! 

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