Friday, September 2, 2011

"It's so nice being a family again." - Simone, 3

It is really good to be home.  And by "home" I don't really mean Williamsburg, although it will be nice to get into our fall routine.  The entire summer of travel with Steve, I could be in any city and be fine.  Once he was gone, for the last 5 weeks of the trip, we all felt his absence.

Yes, it was nice to come home to flowers and sushi and that he learned to play "Storybook Love" on his guitar so he could serenade me (albeit jokingly).  An important detail is that he doesn't play the guitar.  Just the first few stanzas of that song, which he found online while we were away.

And, it'll be nice to have my Dexter-buddy back.  We plan to catch up on the entire 5th season this weekend, so we're ready for the season premiere coming up.

But it was more than that.  There was just this overall sense of being right with the world again.  

I really like that guy.

The kids were playing in the grass yesterday, building a dam out of sticks while Steve and I talked on the balcony.  And without any prompting or context, Simone (3) looked up at us and said: 

"It's so nice being a family again.  We're all here.  We're all together again."  

And then went back to building the dam with her brothers.

Steve and I looked over at each other, dumbstruck by the sincerity and maturity - the look on her face - when she said it.  I know exactly what she means.

We're back to having no clue where we're living, as we found out at the 11th hour that our reserved extended-stay suite still hadn't been cleaned up after the hurricane.  I started scrambling for reservations, and found a 2-bedroom condo at the Historic Powhatan as a deeply discounted deal.  So we're here for 2 nights, and then a friend lined us up for another week at the Powhatan under her "guest rate" as a condo owner here.  Until the 11th, we know where we're living.  :)  My dad joked, "A week is practically a lifetime for you."  Ha!

But even with the instability of our next few months - possibly literally moving every week, bouncing around as we see fit - well, it doesn't really matter.  I feel "home."  

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