Sunday, September 18, 2011

Too confusing for a blog post, but whatever. I'll try anyway.

My goodness, it's been a long time since I posted.  Especially in light of how many things have changed.  Sooooo....*here* is our current housing situation.  As Erika said to me about my other "where we are now" post, we need a flow chart! ;)

I've spent about 9 months researching a place for us to stay this fall.  Hundreds of emails (no exaggeration) and calls to every single option in Williamsburg who *might* offer short term leases.  Most places didn't even write us back, even though we offered to pre-pay the entire 3 months.  They only deal in 12 months or longer.


Margaret, our truly amazing friend, was standing in line at an ice cream shop and started chatting with the woman ahead of her.  Conversation turned to the woman's upcoming move, Margaret asked about a short-term lease, and voila!  We have ourselves a three-month lease on the woman's beautiful townhome.

Thank you, Margaret.  

Everything from our short-list (three stories high, so no one below us; we don't have to show the house to potential buyers; and it's unfurnished)...and even from our dream list, like a fenced backyard and hardwood floors.

Best part?   We have the option to extend it through May, if Steve's CPA internship ends up being in Richmond.

The silly twist is that we were supposed to move in last Friday, but Steve and I have a 48 Hour Curse on housing.  This is the 5th time (5th time!) in our life together that lined-up housing has fallen through in 48 hours before we're supposed to move.

We're now experts on last-minute housing.

Our real date is now the 23rd.  In between Potential Move-In Day and New Move-In Day?

Driving home from the kids' schooling co-op on Friday, I literally had NO idea where we were going to live that night. Steve made some last-minute reservations at a hotel for us via phone (based around whether it had a divided suite), and I went to the office to pick up the keys.

First, the owner handed me a bottle of roach spray (not a warm-fuzzy check-in gift, in my book).  Then, I saw some seriously seedy dudes outside the room where we planned to stay.  After 15 minutes in the room with about 20 red-flags of doom, I loaded the kids in the car and started driving. Phoned Steve to tell him I'd rather sleep in my car than that hotel, and he said: "Whatever you need.  Anywhere.  Find a place you feel safe."

Back to check online for options, and found a great deal on a week's reservation at the Historic Powhatan Resort, where we'd stayed last time our housing fell through last minute.  Phew.  We love this place.

We had already had reservations with friends at Great Wolf Lodge for 2 nights and an overnight at the Virginia it's been a weird week for us.

At this point, my children are well-trained on chaos. They don't even blink.  I'm not sure if that's a sign of solid resiliency or solid foundation towards future mental illness, but we're crossing our fingers on the former.

Our life right now:  Simone's sleeping bag is in the walk-in closet of our hotel room.  My boys are in sleeping bags in the living room.  Last night, we slept under the submarine in the shark section of the aquarium.  Two nights before that, a luxurious theme suite of Great Wolf Lodge, with a bunk bed sub-section of the room meant to look like a cabin for kids.

My children's lives are so ridiculous.   I wasn't sure if Simone would even process that you're not really *supposed* to sleep overnight at the aquarium.  That it's actually a special thing to do.  As Jack said: "Our family sure sleeps in some straaaaange places" (as we were rolling out our sleeping bags by the shark tank).  I was grateful to see they were thrilled about it, because that means they haven't burned out on novelty. 

This is just the framework of our housing, which is enough for one post.  More to come.


Dee said...

Well, personally, I think sleeping at the Aquarium would be cool! Not near the sharks though. Eep. You guys remind me of a blog I read about a roadschooling family called soultravelers3. I'm curious (and hope you don't find it an invasive question), but how do you guys maintain "school" on the road?

Sarahbeth said...

No, not invasive at all. Not much I won't answer, quite honestly. ;) I'm an open book.

But, I might not be much help, as we don't use any curriculum on our own at all in a formal way. So that part hasn't been an issue for our family, but might be for others?

What we *do* is take part in anything we can find in terms of programming. At the Great Wolf Lodge, for example, they had a wolf-walk, where you can learn about animals. Jack builds his reading skills by reading brochures, signs, etc. Whenever we find something like a scavenger hunt at a museum, we do those things...and honestly, it seems like it teaches them so much even if it's not a formal curriculum.

I tend to find we learn so much more when we're out and about, even when we're not formally teaching anything. National Parks were great for that - we all learned SO much!