Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Our 10th Anniversary: Marriage Vows

I actually have more to say on marriage than recycling vows I wrote 10 years ago, but I have been thinking a lot about our vows in the last few days.  They were more prophetic than I realized they might be, like everything changing except that I want to be with him.  The "everything changing" will be for another post. :)

But here, unedited, are the vows I read to Steve at our wedding:

Standing here today, I can't conceive of a day I won't love you.  And standing here today, I can't fathom that we could ever change.  But I know it can happen.  Life tends to interfere with static conditions.  We're not immune just because we're in love, although it sure feels like it sometimes.  Life is unpredictable, and that's where my commitment to you becomes operative.  

I am not marrying you under conditions that you stay as you are, or that circumstances stay as they are.  Sometimes, people get diseases.  Disorders.  Sometimes, children are born handicapped.  There are no guarantees in life. 

None except this:  I am going to be there.  For you, for us.  Nothing that happens makes these vows void.  If so, it wasn't a real commitment.  

Life doesn't have to be perfect in order for love to be perfect, and I don't ask that is it.  I just want to be with you.

I love you so much, Steve.  Who you are, who you'll be, and all the stuff in between.  I want us to have room to grow.  To evolve, to change, to shift as life shifts.  

I'm going to be there every step of the way.  Making you smoothies, giving you foot rubs after your baseball games.  Admiring you and accepting you and cherishing you.

This is my version of "for better or worse."  Sickness, health.  Richer, poorer, all of that.  I love you so intensely.  I am so lucky to know you, and so amazed to be your wife.  Your partner.  

You can count on me, no matter what.  I commit my being to you. My body. My life.  I'm yours.

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