Friday, January 7, 2011

The day has FINALLY arrived

I don't think I was sent to the world to make movies, but I might have been sent to watch them.  I love them.  Analyzing scripts, pulling out themes, admiring graphics I never could have made.

Cinema just amazes me.  When it's done right, it just knocks me sideways.  I sat through 3D Avatar just breathless, and thought it was one of the most magical things I'd ever seen.  I came home and dove into James Cameron's biography.  What created that genius? 

I also love "Making Of" documentaries about movies, and how MUCH time/effort/brilliance went into making them.If one of my children becomes a film-maker, it would be the proudest moment of my life.

Up until about this last month in parenting, I would have been terrified to take all three to the movies without back-up from Steve. 

Okay, "terrified" is a strong word.  But help me think of some emotion that is really, really bad. :)

Steve took the boys to see Tron last weekend, and Simone was heartbroken to be left behind. I think the days of her not realizing what's going on are OVER.  So I showed her trailers of Tangled on my computer, thanks to her current love of princesses, and we made plans to see it on Monday.  Several things went awry, so we went today instead.

I am so in love with the realization that it was *awesome* to have all three kids at a movie.  We loved it!  No one had to go pee (thanks to a right-before-movie-bathroom-break), we brought plenty of food in, and only in the last 15 minutes did Simone get squirmy.

Fabulous milestone in my mothering career.

I think we might have a standing date to go to the dollar-cinema every Wednesday, if it keeps going this well.

Simone might be a future cinema-lover herself, as she's already reviewing movies: "It was really loud and there weren't enough princesses, but I still want to see it ten and a million times."

My favorite part was during a long stretch of sword-fighting, when she leaned in and said: "This is NOT a princess movie."  She sounded so betrayed.  I love having a 2-year-old daughter.  She keeps surprising me with her funny thoughts and how GIRL she is. I love it.

Tomorrow: A family outing to see MegaMind at Cinema Cafe.

Bigger kids are so much fun.