Thursday, January 27, 2011

Well, thank goodness she wasn't dead!

In the car today, Andrew was asking about when he was born.  Jack was naming off all the things he remembered about Andrew's birth.

Simone: "Was I there too?"

Jack, in his sweet, high-pitched, reassuring voice he only uses with Simone: "Your DNA was still building your beautiful eyes and your princess feet...and all your princess stuff.  You weren't dead!  But you weren't finished yet."

Our Daily Routine, V 2.1

I've been re-vamping some areas of our daily process lately.  Nothing monumental, but definitely positive changes.  I figured I'd document it here, so when I forget the routine I look back and remember what worked for awhile:

(1) Changing my wording to include the end goal. Example: Instead of, "Can everyone change out of their clothes for PJs?"... I'm trying: "Clothes in the hamper! It's time for PJs."  My thought was that it creates the visual of putting dirty clothes in the hamper, instead of a visual of taking the clothes off - but needing to remember to put them in the hamper. I give this new technique 6 stars out of 5.  Instantly successful, and no push-back from the kids.

(2) Doing a dinner between 3-4pm. Seriously.  Like, full-on burgers, salmon and rice, whatever.  We call it "Dinner #1" and it keeps them from being hungry around 4, but dinner still an hour or so off.  Snacks didn't help, since they spent the next hour asking for more food.  Since we have things most nights, like kung fu, it also makes sure we're not rushing them through dinner to get there on time.  Then I can give them a lighter round of food before bedtime.

(3) Putting breakfast outside my bedroom door for Andrew, my earliest and hungriest waker-up.  Even a bowl of popcorn seems to work. If he has food, he lets me sleep longer without suffering the despair of a few minutes without food.

(4) I used to remind them to put away their coat or whatever, but sometimes remind them and then do it myself.  As I was hanging it up: "Hey, coats in the trunk next time!"  Now, I just non-chalantly ask: "Hey, Jack...can you put your coat in the trunk, please?"...making sure the child does it himself.  Muscle memory forming, I hope. :)  I don't want them feeling reprimanded, because I know they're still so young, but I also don't want to send the message that little elves will eventually pick it up - but nag while doing it.They are definitely forgetting less in the last couple weeks.

(5) Having them pick out their clothes the night before.  Before:  I picked them out after they went to bed, or they dressed themselves in the morning.  Why I never combined them before, I have no idea.  Life is evolution. =) 

What's your favorite strategy for daily routine?