Monday, February 21, 2011

Might not be ready for Habitat for Humanity...

We were going through the boys' books today, to find ones to give to the homeless children's program at VBUMC.

Andrew (4): "But if they're homeless...don't they need a HOME, not a book?"

Me: "I see what you're saying.  But sometimes, you just have to give what you can.  And we can give books."

Andrew: "We're not going to give them our home?"

Me: "We need our home, though, or else we'd be homeless.  Maybe we could help them build a home?"

Andrew: "Well, I'm kinda too little.  But I could hammer!  Actually, no I can't hammer.  I would probably hammer my finger.  I know!  I could do the bricks.  Hmm.  Maybe Daddy could do the bricks, because at Jackie's house, I dropped a brick on my foot."