Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Who needs a car DVD player, with this in my backseat?

I carry paper and pen in my car, because I never know when my children will say memorable things from the backseat.  These are my notes from the 30 minute drive to co-op this morning:

Simone (2): "Daddy went to work to make money for us. So we can buy sunglasses." [long pause] "And spoons."

Jack (6): "Vowels do some amazing things.  Isn't it cool that just a few letters help us make an infinity of words?" 

This after he was reading a tissue box, and noticed that "ss" in the middle of the vowels says "sh." "Like 'tissue' and 'Russian.'"  In all my years, I never noticed this.

Andrew (4): "Whoa.  When I was three, I thought a pickle was a vegetable." 

I guess somewhere along the way, he heard anything with seeds are fruits?  But there was no context.  This statement stood alone; we weren't even talking about fruits and vegetables.

I love these kids.