Saturday, April 23, 2011

So much to say, so little brain left

I have 3 million things I want to write about tonight.  The incredible week at Sandbridge in the beach house with Tom and Candy.  Steve dressing like the Easter Bunny to surprise the kids: Quite possibly one of the BEST memories of my life.  So many things. 

I think it's so much, I don't know where to start.  Plus, my brain is still hungover from Spring Break mode, and not really ready to create coherent thoughts.

So instead, I'll document this memory from today:

Steve was studying for his final in our bedroom, deep in concentration.  Simone came in and wanted to play/chat/snuggle/chat and then chat some more.  Steve said: "Can Daddy have a bit of space to study?" 

Simone started crying her heartbroken, sweet cry. 

Steve: "Simone, Daddy is really sorry he made you sad.  What do you need right now?"

And in this gulping, tear-filled voice she cried: "Loooove!"  But it came out as "Wuuuuuub." 

Jack and I heard it from the other room, looked over at each other, and said in unison: "Oh, cute!" 

She can drive me batty some times, but goodness-gracious-me she is SWEET.