Monday, May 2, 2011

What I want my children to learn about camping

(1) How amazing food (and instant coffee) tastes when you made the fire that boiled the water.  So satisfying, on a most primal level.

(2) Situate the cots away from the sides of the tent, so it doesn't wick through when raining.

(3) There is nothing more precious than silk long johns on a cold camping night.

(4) Get to the site as early as possible.  Setting up the tent when dark is possible, but not awesome.

(5) Bring 3 times the number of socks you think you'll need.  Wet socks can ruin any situation; dry socks can solve most of them.

(6) Knowing how to live in the most simple of situations (shelter, food, warmth) is very empowering.  All things seem possible.

(7) Conversations around the campfire are some of the best you'll ever have.

(8) Cotton socks with wool ones over them = toasty toes.

(9) As Jack said: "When you're camping and you can't do things the way you normally do, just think of something else and try another way."  Yup. Resourcefulness and creativity are quite possibly the most important lessons you learn when there's no electricity or running water.

(10) Never underestimate the value of excellent camping gear.  Good pillows, high-quality cots, and warm sleeping bags might not be rugged...but they make the journey a lot more positive.  I could sleep out there every night.