Monday, May 16, 2011

"What a crazy-ass life we're stringing together for our children."

This phrase was uttered by my husband, with a voice filled with awe, as we sat in the living room and listened to music...laughing at the ridiculousness of our life right now. Ridiculousness includes moving from our current place, most likely into a tent for 2-3 weeks.  Unless we have better luck finding a sublet to cover us until we leave on our summer trip.  We figure we'll tent during the week and take off for a new place every weekend.  Fun, right?  ;)

What I hope my children learn from their chaos:

- How to find calm and peace inwardly, even when life around you is in upheaval.

- Knowing what belongings are valuable to you, and that it's not always logical.  My 6th grade spelling trophy, the Easter Bunny suit, and oodles of child artwork made the cut.  Mattresses and couches did not.

- Just go for it.  A different home...a new career...a two-month summer trip.  Figure it out as you go along.  Our family motto (not yet shared with the G-rating part of the family): "Just f-ing do it."  This one phrase has brought us some of the most fabulous chunks of our life. 

- Living below your means and accruing savings can open up a lot of opportunities in life.  It's not about how much you make, but how much you save.

- Dream really big, really crazy dreams.  And then find a way to make them happen.  You are never too late in the game to shift gears.  You've never gone so far down the wrong path that you can't turn around.  Or cut through the woods to find a whole new path you hadn't imagined yet...

- That a family filled with love and laughter and respect actually IS a stable foundation, even if that foundation is only lightly velcroed to one place.  

- That life really is much more about kite-flying, going to the beach, watching movies in sleeping bags, and camping than many will tell you.  You get to choose what fills your life. 

- That the less you own, the more your life is portable and liberated.  None of the joy we're feeling right would be joy if we were loaded down with our belongings.  Treading lightly means we can go anywhere and do anything.  Not everyone needs that feeling...but it's how we live our family  best. 

- Life is pretty damn interesting, if you let it be.