Sunday, June 5, 2011

Scratch Day

Yesterday and today were hybrid days – mainly out in the regular world, but sleeping in a tent.  Jack had Scratch Day at NSU yesterday from 9-4, so we had to wake up around 7 to make the long drive out there.  It was just Jack and me; Steve took the other two to Andrew’s T-ball. 

I got to spend 7 hours watching Jack be in his element: Creating his program in Scratch and sitting in class learning from one of the NSU professors. 

This workshop was meant for over-9 year olds.  I wrote the director and sent a link to his projects he’d been working on independently, and she approved my 6-year-old attending.  He was also put into the Advanced class.  I wanted to learn more about the program too, in part so I could help him with questions he has along the way, so I sat in with him.

He was too little for the computers, yes, and most of the kids were even older than 9.  But he fit right in - with his questions, knowledge of Scratch, and enthusiasm.  He skipped out of lunch halfway through, because he wanted to run back up to create more of his project.

He blows me away.

I love his inner drive, this curiosity, his absolute hunger to learn.  When the teacher asked about him presenting his project to the group, his only response was: “Can I show it myself?” 

And he did.  They pulled up a chair so he could see over the podium.  My heart nearly burst from pride…not even about his project, although I loved that to bits, but about his ease up there.  His love and ownership of what he’d created.  His casual affect up there, smiling and joking with the audience.

I cannot believe I created this little wondrous boy in my womb.  It seems impossible, that something so grand and miraculous like human life can come from regular old people.  And that really, that’s what we are.  These walking miraculous beings that formed inside mere humans.  Why aren’t we walking around in a constant state of amazement about this?  That we started as one-celled little balls of life, and now we’re standing on chairs to look out over a podium and share a video program of breakfast items being cooked.