Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 10: Die, bugs, die

I was naive in my bug spray packing.  Normally, we don't get bitten that much. So I had my dainty little herbal, non-DEET sprays.

We were out of our league.

These suckers are mean!  Plus, we're one of only 2 tents in the entire campground, so we're practically the only restaurant in town.  

Simone is apparently the sweetest berry of us all, as her legs look like a mad case of chicken pox.  She's scratching, but a good sport about it. Even with her good spirit about being eaten alive, I'm on a mission to find something that keeps them away.  Andrew seems to get more ticks than 'skeeters, but we check regularly and get to them quickly.

Tonight:  We're trying Natrapel brand and a new citronella candle.  I have a feeling the candle will be no match for these fiends, but whatever.  It will still be pretty to eat by candlelight.

In other camp-living observations, I keep thinking of Tom Hank's character in Cast Away, and how he opened the FedEx packages and turned everything into tools.  Everything I see becomes something I can use back at base camp.  I had my students do an activity with newspapers today, and usually I'd just recycle them on my way out.  Camping-Sarahbeth, though, was ecstatic to have all those newspapers to start fires.  :)  

Next thing you know, we'll turn our sporting gear into a friend named "Wilson."