Sunday, July 31, 2011

So that's what's happening in our life right now

I've had a number of people ask me lately what our current plans are.  And I realized that the plans are confusing enough that y'all might have no clue where we're at in life.  I'll summarize it here, in case you're trying to piece together our chaos.

Steve is going to graduate school for a year at William and Mary.  Masters in Accounting.  So we're moving an hour to Williamsburg, from Virginia Beach. He's not going to teach math this year; instead he's attending school full time and doing an internship in the spring (location TBD).

Since we were "between houses" (read: homeless, although gleefully and voluntarily), we decided to travel for 2 months this summer.  Steve had only 4 weeks off between teaching and starting summer classes, so he traveled with us until we dropped him off at the Milwaukee airport to head home.

Now, he's living in a motel for a month and we're still on the road.  

I'm heading to Kansas so my children can see my paternal grandparents, and then back up to Minnesota.  Jack has camp for a week at the end of August up in Northern Minnesota, so we might putter around up there. 

Then I'll drive back to Williamsburg with the 3 kiddos and we'll all live someplace together.

"Someplace" is still a hazy entity, since we're clinging to our dream of finding a 3-month lease on an unfurnished home.  We're even nutty enough to still hope for a fenced-in yard on that unfurnished-3-month-home.  Yeah, as you can imagine, we're not getting many bites on that. ;) 

We only have to scrape together 3 months of housing, so we're not concerned.  We'll maybe have to settle for a 3-month lease on an apartment, live in a tent (LOL!), or find someone who wants to take their house off the market for a few months.  

While we probably *should* be concerned, we figure the next few months will be part of the ongoing adventure of our life right now.  

More reflection on the strange life situation in other posts, but that's the gist of our life status. 

Sorry you asked?