Monday, December 19, 2011

"Hot-Mess Monie"

Something that gives me a lot of mothering joy is when I hear "field reports" about my kids.  I mean, of the main elements of parenting is that you're raising these human beings to send them out into the world.  And you can hope that you're raising kind, open-hearted, curious children (or whatever your goal for them might be), but if they aren't perceived as kind (etc...) by others, then what the heck does it matter?  

I only get to be their "mothering mother" for 18 years, and then the hope is that they're fairly well-formed human beings...going out into the world making good choices for themselves.   We grow and evolve our whole lives, certainly, but that parent-centric part of laying the foundation -- well, I can just hope I use my 18 years with them well, and then can bask in watching them be really great adults leading lives that fill them with joy.  

An oversimplification, I know...but I'm writing a blog-post, not a book.

So this is an excerpt of an email about Simone today, from one of her co-op teachers.  It made me laugh so hard (we're going to call her "Hot Mess Monie") and get misty-eyed with pride, that in her little 3-year-old way, she is going out into the world and making people laugh.  And, watching her form these relationships outside of the family - pulling important persons, like Suzanne, into her fabric.  Writing her own life story, filled with her own characters and dialogue.

From Suzanne:

I just adore her and can't wait to see what she grows up to be. I love her independence and the way she knows her own mind at such an early age. I love how she is so cute and pretty and has all the trappings to be this "pottery barn kids model" little girl, but instead, she is a hot mess, with mismatched clothes and shoes or no shoes--hair askew--I mean it is so cute and so awesome all at the same time.

 When we did the little TVs--she said she wanted a picture of her mom and so I drew a little stick figure mom. (Just for fun, I had you holding a flower--all she had said was draw a picture of my mom.) Well, she said, "What is that," and I said, "a flower," and she said, "No, I gave her a leaf." I love so many things about that story. She made me laugh all the time.