Sunday, February 12, 2012

Oh that's right...she's only 3.

The other day, I complained to Steve that Simone "likes me too much."  

Yes, I did.  

Her happy little singing/dancing/chatting/question-asking self follows me around most of the day.  Left to her design, our days would consist of snuggling on the couch reading or watching Care Bears

Steve found out he didn't need to work on Saturday, so I planned a special morning with Simone while Steve took the boys to SEP at William & Mary.  Almost 5 hours of dedicated time with  her, hoping to fill the intensity of her "quality time" love-language.  We read books, went to the library, ate cookies for lunch, went to the dollar store and she could pick out whatever she wanted, blah-di-blah.

And do you know what she said at the end?  "I was expecting to have a lot of Mommy time, but we just had a little bit."

I had all sorts of initial unedited-by-logic thoughts: horror at her lack of gratitude, fear for the downward spiral of her future, and how I'd managed to fail as a parent so dramatically in only three short years.

Oh yes...and completely annoyed that I'd used my entire day trying to fill her emotional need and to have her say that. 

One of the trickiest parts of raising her, truly, is remembering that she is only 3 years old.  If you've met her, you'll know exactly what I mean.  She has this mind-boggling awareness of the world and an almost creepy ability to articulate it. I have no idea where she learned to use some of the words she does, and to spin thoughts the way she can.  Her grasp on the world and how it works can lure you into thinking she's so mature and wise -- like you're dealing with a grown woman, and not a barely preschooler.

One small example among many: I was teaching her how to make lasagna last night, and showed her how you put down the noodles...then sauce...the ricotta....then some cottage cheese.  Immediately after I told her that, she said: "Wouldn't it be faster to mix them all up and put it ALL together on top of the noodles?"

Um. Yes.  It would.  Never mind that I've been making lasagna for YEARS and never did that. 

Thanks, Simone.

For so many reasons (how long do you have?), I can completely and totally forget she is 3.  And that when she says something like, "I was expecting to have a lot of Mommy time, but we just had a little bit"....well, the translated-into-3-year-old version of that just might be: "I'm sad our time is over."

Yes, she can create these complex and articulate phrases -- but her ability to pinpoint exact feelings and communicate them with perfect accuracy -- goodness.  She was just birthed onto this planet 3 years ago.  

What on Earth do I expect sometimes?  

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