Monday, November 26, 2012

Thank you, Bob the Builder.

At a stoplight, Simone (4) saw a man holding a sign. “What does his sign say, Mommy?”

Me: “Homeless Vietnam Vet.”

Simone: “What does that mean?”

Me: “It means he doesn’t have a home, and that he used to be a soldier in a war.”

Simone: “Does he not have a home because they were all tooken by other people?”

Me: “There are a lot of reasons that people don’t have homes. It’s really complicated, sweetie.  It takes money to buy a home, and not everyone has money.”

Simone: “Because they don’t want money?”

Me: “Well. That’s the complicated part.  There might be some people who just don’t want to work, but a lot of the time, there’s something wrong with the person and they can’t work.  Maybe their brain is missing chemicals it needs to work right. Or they can’t think the way other people think, because they have a handicap in their brain.”

Simone: “And their mommies and daddies don’t give them a home?”

Me: “Simone, you and I are VERY lucky that we have people like that in our lives.  But some people, they don’t have that.  The government tries to help people who don’t have mommies and daddies, but it can’t help everyone, all the time.”

Simone: “So, if Uncle Craig didn’t have the government or your daddy, he’d be homeless?”

My heart skipped a beat.  “Yes, Simone.  That’s actually very true. And your Uncle David, too.  I guess I never thought of it that way, but maybe that’s why I like to help homeless people.”

Simone: “I know what to do!  I’LL build them a house!  I learned how on Bob the Builder!  It’s a really educational show.”

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how my life goes from profound and beautiful to ridiculous and beautiful… in the span of seconds.

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