Thursday, February 16, 2012

If I could put a moment into a jar and seal it, this would be it.

The boys and I were listening to Teach Your Children on my iPod.  I paused it for a moment and said to them, "Hey, guys? What's something I've taught you that you'll remember for your whole life? Anything.  Big things, little things."

Andrew (5): "Being nice to people.  Manners and things, but also making sure everyone gets to live a good life.  Even in other countries."

Heart skipped a beat.  

Then Jack (7): "That everything comes and goes.  Toys... but also family members, like Grandma Lynn.  And the most important thing is to enjoy them while you have them."


The greatest honor of my entire life, no matter what happens down the road, will be raising these little children into adulthood.