Friday, February 17, 2012

Who knows, I'm sure Da Vinci probably liked cookies too...

I made an Art Table for Jack (7), where he could work on his little LEGO/cloth/pipe cleaner/clothespin creations.  He's always making something out of scraps, and he needed a workbench for his things 'in progress.'  My only request: That the scraps don't permanently cover the floor of that room.

Here's his art center:

A constantly rotating set of homemade board games, action figures, and various other inventions.

And here's an action-figure he made this morning for Andrew, out of felt, paper, pipe cleaners, and yarn.

So today, I walked into the room and saw a bunch of scraps on the floor...but also on the floor was a really cool homemade board-game he was making.  

Me: "Hey, Jack, you should respect your work!  It could get trampled on the floor.  Do you think Leonardo Da Vinci put his work all over the floor?"

Jack, without missing a beat: "Probably not. But then again, I don't think Da Vinci made cookiemen made out of clothespins."