Tuesday, October 16, 2012

"Maria Poppins"

I want to publicly thank every single babysitter/nanny who has ever shown up on time.  Took the kids bike riding, to the park, and to the library -- not even once turning on TV.  Dropped them off safely at school and picked them up again.  Swept the floor, did dishes, and did 2 loads of laundry for their mother (even though "light housekeeping" wasn't even hinted at in the job description) -- and had the kids helping, thinking it was a fun activity.  Texted pictures of smiling, happy children to their mom throughout the day, with a little note saying, "We're doing great!"  And gave big snuggles to the children at the end of the day, like you'll authentically miss them until the next day.

If I could sculpt, I would sculpt a statue of Maria for our front yard.

The most complicated part of this new stage of life was finding someone to replace me in those hours after school, until I get home.  I am pleased to see that we found someone who not only replaces me, but might even be an upgrade. ;)